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Copyright (c) 2002-2012. Dimitry Kloper kloper@users.sourceforge.net

Available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/dgd

Building DGD source

DGD is a template library, there are no static or shared libraries that must be built for using it. Just include DGD headers in your source. But this is only half of the truth. DGD does depend on boost.

You will need to include boost headers and link with boost libraries.

DGD header files come without a single include statement inside. There is no explicit list of boost headers that must be included before each DGD header. Instead common header *dgd.h* can be used.

You will need to link with the following boost libraries:

  1. boost_filesystem
  2. boost_system
  3. boost_thread
  4. boost_program_options

Building DGD test suite and samples

You need perl (tested with perl 5.6.1 and up) to build DGD.

The following steps are required to build DGD:

  1. Download and build C++ boost.
  2. Download DGD distribution (dgd-XXX.tar.gz from
    http://sourceforge.net/projects/dgd, here XXX refers to the package version).
  3. gzip -dc dgd-XXX.tar.gz | tar -xf -
    Do this in the same directory where boost library is installed or in directory one or two levels behind. DGD configure script will search for boost library.
  4. Go to DGD root directory and run:

    perl -I cons ./cons/cons.pl -- --toolset=mingw,cygwin,boost -v3 --cygwin-root-dir=c:/cygwin --mingw-root-dir=c:/mingw --boost-root-dir=c:/boost-1.47

    Before running this, specify a valid root directory path for each component.

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