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Copyright (c) 2002-2006. Dimitry Kloper kloper@users.sourceforge.net

Available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/dgd

Building DGD

If you are planning import DGD source files directly into your project, don't forget to define DGD_WITHOUT_BOOST in case you are not compiling with C++ boost library.

Higher layers of DGD make extensive use of the C++ boost (http://www.boost.org). You need boost 1.25.0 or later to compile DGD.

STLPort (http://www.stlport.com) was used during DGD developing. It is recommended but not required. In fact DGD works well with the native VC++/gcc version of STL.

From version DGD uses dgcons (http://www.sf.net/projects/dgcons/) as its primary build system. Thus, you need perl (tested with perl 5.6.1) to build DGD.

The following steps are required to build DGD:

  1. Download and build C++ boost and (optionally) STLPort libraries.
  2. Download DGD distribution (dgd-XXX.tar.gz from
    http://sourceforge.net/projects/dgd, here XXX refers to the package version).
  3. gzip -dc dgd-XXX.tar.gz | tar -xf -
    Do this in the same directory where boost library is installed or in directory one or two levels behind. DGD configure script will search for boost library.
  4. On Win32 built with VC++ run:
    perl -I cons ./cons/cons.pl -- --toolset=msvc70,cygwin,boost
  5. For cygwin and Linux
    perl -I cons ./cons/cons.pl -- --toolset=gcc,boost

Important Cons Options

  • --verbose=int - defines verbosity level. 0 means quiet mode.
  • --build= - used to trigger the build type. Default is Debug.
  • --toolset=toolset_list - defines which toolsets will be used for build. Currently the following toolsets are supported: msvc70, gcc, cygwin, clo, boost, stlport, doxygen.
  • --[toolset]-root-dir=string - overrides the root directory of particular toolset. By default Cons will try to guess the location.

Additional packages

You will need some additional programs if you want to change DGD.

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