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Depression Glass Debug Library NEWS

This is small bug fix release. Main changes are:
  • I have created dgcons at http://sf.net/projects/dgcons. From now on, this is the primary build environment for DGD. Please send me an email if you don't like it.
  • Migrated to Subversion
After long period of silence I am releasing DGD-0.1.0. This is development version. Main changes are:
  • migrated from GNU autoconf and make to Cons
  • migrated from gnugetopt to clo++
  • changed prefix of the command line options from --debug to --trace
  • added articles to tutorial
  • added samles
  • changed versioning
Bad news for lazy guys
  • I have upgraded my compilers to msvc70 and gcc-3.3.2 so support for older ones is dropped. If you are interested, please write an appropriate Cons modules and let me know.
  • There are no more makefiles in DGD. I will try to invent some makefile generation scriptology, but until then you will need to get Cons working. See INSTALL file for more details.
I have changed DGD versioning. Now DGD version will have four numbers:
  1. Stable version. Incremented only on stable releases.
  2. Major version. Incremented only when major changes were mage.
  3. Build number. Incremented upon finishing of adding features or fixing bugs.
  4. Compilation number. Incremented automatically and is not part of official version.
Fixed Doxygen to generate right inner class names in HTML documentation. The DGD documentation is updated.
Release 0.25. Documentation build system is redesigned. Switched from Webmake to Mason. I have no plans of adding new features to DGD. Next few releases will have only documentation updates and better porting support.
Version 0.24 is a bug fix release. Fixed two major bugs and added some more code documentation, primary on funnels and multifile logs.
Released version 0.22. The main target of this release is funnel - special channel-like object which can be bound to physical streams at first place. Then all other channels can be associated with the funnel. The second target was multi-file logs. There is a special funnel called DGD::multifile_log which can split the log by output size or by number of output lines. There is no documentation for the new code yet.
Added new tutorial articles.
Added two tutorial articles about channelbuf and formatting. Look in related pages in code documentation.
Released version 0.20 on freshmeat.net. It is important to me to know whether DGD is useful. Right now, I am getting no feedback from people. Please, visit the DGD Forum and let me know what do you think about DGD.
Ported DGD to Cygwin and Linux. Using gcc 2.95. I am not distributing binaries for those right now. If you need ones please contact me.
Added subdirectory msvc-prj which contains VC++ projects for DGD. People who have no cygwin installed can use these to build DGD. Note that I am planning to update VC++ projects for stable releases only.
I have written a perl script which allowed me to integrate doxygen output and webmake generated site.
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Created a web site for DGD using WebMake.

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