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ToDo list for Depression Glass library.

Feature list

#PriorityModuleDate CreatedDescriptionStatus
11global25/08/2002Create http channel. This one will produce http output instead of the text one. Open
210global10/09/2002Create documentation frameworkClosed
31global10/09/2002Make cygwin portClosed
410global28/09/2002Create DGD Tutorial and examplesOpen
510global28/09/2002Multifile logs Closed
610global04/11/2002Need to test cygwin port with STLPortOpen
71Extra05/06/2004Add dgd_trace() set of macros with ability to synchronize output using some kind of semaphore.Open
81ChannelBuf05/06/2004By default DGD does not skip trailing spaces at the end of the line. Sometimes skipping those spaces is desired. This should be controlled by additional option. Open


Bug list

#PriorityModuleDate CreatedDescriptionStatus
110channelbuf25/08/2002space_chars() actually does nothing. ' ' and '\t' spaces are hardcode in owerflow(). Must change owerflow.Closed
210Debug20/09/2002dgd_echo() and may be some other macros does not check the debug factory existence. Not ReplicableClosed
310channelbuf28/09/2002Writing from two channelbufs into the same file can produce wrong results. This is because line/column info is kept in each channelbuf separately. Need to turn stream into <line,column> pair keeper and update channelbuf value every overflow().

This problem is resolved by associating DGD channels with other ones. It it still possible to associate two channels with one stream, but it will produce incorrect results and is not recommended.

410extra04/11/2002gcc -Wall prints warning on every dgd_* macro, need to get rid of this. FixedClosed
510channel08/12/2002cygwin port failed when specified --debug-enable without turning on all channels.

The problem was in NULL channelbuf in DGD::channel. Fixed that to point to a temporary channelbuf.

610manip10/12/2002Must make dynamic cast instead static in operator << ()Closed
710channelbuf19/04/2003Wrong output when wrapping very long lines without spaces in them.

The problem was in overflow() method. The next position was calculated using m_column which was already reset.

810std22/04/2003Compilation errors in std output operators.

Missed some dgd manipulators in the output.

910multifile03/05/2003The last and the first lines in two adjacent multifile log parts don't match.

There is no bug actually.


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